169-171 2ND AVENUE; BROOKLYN, NY  11231

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Full sized garage for all your repair needs at Fleet Auto Enterprise
Fleet Auto Enterprise has serviced the South Brooklyn community for over 20 years. Located on 2nd Avenue, just off Hamilton Avenue in the Gowanus neighborhood, Fleet provides all mechanical, auto body, and routine maintenance on all of today's vehicles, whether hybrid or traditional.
Billy Kay is the owner and manager of Fleet Auto Enterprise and prides himself on excellent customer service. For private customers, "It's one-stop shopping," says Billy.
Located at 169 Second Avenue, between 13th and 14th Streets, Fleet services all of today's high tech vehicles, including hybrid and electric, both mechanically and autobody. With a diverse customer base, Fleet works with individual car owners, corporate fleet accounts, and government service contracts, receiving numerous "EXCELLENT" evaluations from the NY City Mayor's Office.
Fleet understands the realities of car ownership in New York City and the maintenance required to keep that vehicle operating in our unique driving environment.
Fleet Auto Enterprise started the Fleet "Preferred Service Club" to help defray the costs of operating a vehicle in NYC and to provide the top level of customer service that he is proud to provide.
"Fleet membership takes much of the burden away for both routine maintenance and emergencies. We want Fleet to be your service provider, the one that you know you can count on."
"Our goal is to educate," he said. "We try to give the customer a feel for the work that has to be done. We go through every repair option so that we can design an approach to fix the car and fit the pocket as well."
Fleet has long experience in the industry with technicians schooled in all of the new technologies. They are ready to work for you.